Why Save It

Benefits to Nantwich

Restoring the walled garden would be of tremendous benefit to Nantwich. There are many compelling reasons to conserve this significant part of the town’s heritage for future generations. There is nothing similar in Nantwich open to the public and a tranquil green space in this busy area would offer a respite for residents and visitors alike and a refuge for wildlife.

Community Project

The Nantwich Walled Garden Society hopes to acquire the garden site and would then restore the Grade II listed walls and develop the garden. This would become an ongoing community project, involving input from local groups, schools, colleges, members of the public and business partners. We aspire to see the garden become a jewel in Nantwich’s crown, complementing the wealth of historic buildings for which the town is so justly famous.

Visitor Attraction

Visitor revenue is vital to Nantwich and the restored garden would benefit existing businesses such as restaurants, pubs, cafes and shops, as well as our church, market and museum. A beautiful walled garden within walking distance of the town centre and very close to the planned development on St Anne’s Lane would undoubtedly draw in many additional visitors.